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Imperfection in Medium

london-based visual interpretations


Currently BWLN creates moving book covers for sci-fi novels and explore glitches in reality. Trying to materialise human parts of the digital.


Bowlon Creative  BWLN is a sole proprietorship founded by Ozan Korkut  a London-based visual designer working both with typography, graphics and 3D animation. After his graduation from MA Graphic Design at London College of Communication in 2015, he is exploring potential of visual interpretation in the layered design field.


We can collaborate.



A brand is not a logo. We understand this, and will work with you to create brand collateral which effectively communicates to and resonates with your target audience. BWLN can create you an identity which completely embodies your business. We can also take your existing graphics and develop them to match a changing brand.

Creating an effective brand takes work, so once we've developed one for you, we can generate a system of guidelines to protect it. We believe these should be a simple, easy to follow set of recommendations to ensure consistency of use. That is why we take the time to understand your requirements and streamline our services to meet your objectives. This allows our tight-knit team to work thoughtfully and efficiently resulting in a robust creative flow and happier clients.

Print Media

Despite the digital revolution, print will still work very hard for you if considered properly. Whether it be a one-off flyer, a bespoke invitation, direct mail or letterheads and business cards; print design gives you the opportunity to target specific audiences and get attention.

We'll get you noticed by the right people. In an ever more cluttered communications environment it is still a simple, clear message, delivered with a clear strategy, by a stand out concept which will get you the results you want.

Web Design

We care about developing unique websites that meet your business needs. We’re experts in slick, compatible and easy to use website design that will give you the strong professional online presence that creates credibility and attracts more customers.

At the heart of everything we do is your website goals. A website isn't there to just look pretty - it's there to gain leads, provide information and remarkable. With every website we optimise the design, layout and features to increase user engagement and achieve your online goals. 


We offer three-dimensional computer generated images and animation for architects, interior designers, developers and marketing companies. Using the latest technology and software we are able to produce super realistic visualisations and animations from simple sketches. Our visuals have helped clients win planning permission, market developments and sell properties long before construction.

Located in East London, Hackney.

Location.      220 Mare Street, London
                       — E8 3RD

Phone.          + 44 (0) 7762 514 306